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What People are Saying

It is a pleasure to play your bassoon duets. They are interesting and artistically satisfying for ones' love of good music. When I taught my students I often put the music on the stand. We played together. My student and I enjoyed playing your music very much. They gave us both pleasure. They are well composed, easy to play and really good music.

Roland Small
Retired Bassoonist, Boston Symphony Orchestra

I have loved your Duets for such a long time - have played Vol. 1 for over 30 years...My teacher Roland Small was a big believer in duets as part of instruction. I do too, and have had many students here in Saskatoon with whom I use duet playing as a major component of the process. My pianist wife now also plays bassoon and your Vol.1 is our favorite. I can't wait to see Vol. 2. I am so pleased to have discovered your website.

Peter Gravlin
Principal Bassoon, Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra
(Saskatchewan, Canada)

Melodic and contrapuntal studies...a pleasure to play.

Eli Carmen
NBC Symphony under Toscanini;
Faculty, Manhattan School of Music, Yale University

A worthwhile contribution to the available Bassoon study literature.

Stephen Maxym
Metropolitan Opera Orchestra; Faculty,
The Juilliard School; Manhattan School of Music.

A most enjoyable aid to teaching not easily found in present day Bassoon literature.

Maurice Pachman
Radio City Music Hall Orchestra; Faculty, Bennington College

So I'm driving along and I keep hearing this tune in my head. It's so expressive-Gorgeous, it sings with sweet anguish! I love it! What is it?; newish but tonal. Barber maybe? Bartok? Late Rachmaninoff? I can't remember. I write it down. Two weeks later I find it. It's one of Marvin Roth's bassoon duets; the second one in volume two. I remember how much I like them all. They're all different,, but all full of character, with beautiful sonorities. This is some of my favorite music in the whole damn world!

The other day I notice a message from Marvin himself on the Doublereed listserve. I met him thirty years ago (we both studied with Bob Reinert, though not at the same time.) I haven't seen him since then. He still lives in Manhattan, three blocks from where his other bassoon teacher, Simon Kovar lived. I email him to say that I love his duets. He thanks me for liking them. Thank me? - thank YOU Marvin.

Dr. Robert Danziger
Music Department, California State University, Stanislaus
Turlock, CA

Marvelously melodic—a Bassoonistic delight for both players.

Paul Cammarotta
Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

Delightful duets—a pleasure to play.

William Scribner
American Symphony; faculty, University of Connecticut

I had in my possession years ago a book of duets "for the pleasure of playing" by Marvin Roth. I shall assume you are the same person. It was a delightful book that I used very often during lessons. I was under the impression that there was also a volume two. Like all my music that I ever loan out to my students...a lot of it disappears. I would very much like to have those volumes but I haven't seen them anywhere. Can you help?

They were great for my students sightreading and much better musically than all the others I still have.

T. Geoffrey Hale
Florida Philharmonic Orchestra

I bought your very delightful and musical duets in 1980—do you have others?

Darryl E. Harris, Sr.
U.S. Air Force Reserve Band, retired

More kudos for these duos! I have been playing them for many years, and now am introducing them to the international set over here in the UK.

Hugh Rosenbaum

Just want to let you know how much I love your duets. I don't want to get too emotional here but I really love them!. Have you written other things? I teach bassoon at Cal State Stanislaus.

Dr. Robert Danziger

To Marvin Roth, Bravo to you Marvin, for setting the record straight and for making sure all of us know you are out there with your duets still "au courant" and as wonderful as ever. I just played through several of them with a colleague two weeks ago..he had never seen them and yet admired them from the first page. Thanks again for such a valuable contribution to our ensemble repertoire.

Cordially yours,
Gerald Corey, Ottawa

I have heard so often about how much bassoonists enjoy your Duets For The Pleasure of Playing. Congratulations, I have a feeling they reflect many hours in the pit! I remember Bob Reinert speaking about you many times. He was the one who told me about the duets, and you kindly sent me a signed copy years ago.

Christopher Weait
Professor of Bassoon
The Ohio State University School of Music
Columbus, Ohio

I'm so glad to communicate with the guy who wrote those Duets. I like your Duets for many reasons and use them all the time and have for years. I guess I like them best for sight reading purposes. All the other duets are in thirds or sixths and don't require independent reading. Great for intonation, sound and musicality etc. Also if you write any more, please let me know.

I just saw your e mail about Hans Moennig on the IDRS listserve and wondered if you are the same person who wrote the wonderful Bassoon Duets? I have two volumes of them. Did you write anymore? I find them very useful in my teaching...thanks...

Dr. Larry Stewart
Music Professor
Rowan University
Glassboro, NJ

When are you going to grace us with another book of duets, or possibly a trio or quartet? I use the two books of duets a lot for teaching, but also have programmed groups of them on recitals.

Bruce Gbur
Kansas State University

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