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Debussy: Syrinx

My weekly flute lessons with Freddy Wilkins back in the 60's, switched my ears from basso to altissimo--from bassoon sounds to flute sounds. Suddenly, I was singing"Afternoon of a Faun" in the shower, not "Peter and the Wolf". Then, my ears were introduced to a piece by Debussy that I had never heard before called "Syrinx"; a 2 minute solo for flute alone. Then one day in 1980 I put Syrinx on my music stand, but instead of reaching for my flute, I picked up my bassoon, challenged my reed to the northernmost areas of my bassoon and played through this little gem of a flute solo in it's original key. What you hear, is what came out.

Debussy should have noted — for flute or bassoon.

Listen to a Sound Clip!

Click here to download a sound clip of Syrinx, transcribed for bassoon.

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