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What People are Saying

Marvin Roth and Co. arrived today and, as has been my previous experience, they did a superb job.

The program had a pertinent theme, presented with sensitivity to the needs of the students. Our youngsters were intrigued with the instruments and the music. Best of all was the hands-on experience of playing to the rhythm with maracas and tambourines.

You had to see the children's body language to realize the full impact. At the beginning, they sat stiffly but soon clapping began. At the conclusion, each youngster was fully involved—including those in wheelchairs.

There's something special about Marvin; he puts his soul into the presentation.

Thank you. We are looking forward to our next adventures with Music Outreach.

Barbara P.
Special Education Supervisor
P.S. 160, New York City

Special kudos to Marvin Roth. He made personal contact with many children, all of whom yearn for a moment's recognition. Mr. Roth's sensitivity led him to choose a depressed, deprived, angry female student to "help" him with a love song. We saw Kim smile... a most rare sight; we saw her move her seat so as to be physically closer to a fatherly man who gave her necessary warmth. It was heartening to view; it gave Kim some time for positivity and us the hope that we can reach her.

P.S. 86, New York City

This was the second workshop the kids attended. They were more involved this second time. There was more excitement, movement of their bodies and singing. At the end, they loved the instruments given to them to play themselves. Marvin Roth was a charm, making the kids laugh, dance & sing. He inspired the children. Thank you for the excitement.

Thank you for the spirit, dedication, & love of music that you brought to our children. Their hearts were truly touched by the beauty of the different instruments' sounds and your own trio (an example of harmony through music for people of all ages, races, & creeds.) We can't wait for you to come again!

P.S. 107, New York City

Dear Marvin, Jeff and Tom:

Thank you, thank you for the exhilarating, stupendous, exciting and enthusiastic performance this morning.

The actions and looks of joy on the faces of the children could only assure that you had truly touched and enriched the lives of our children. What a happy day for everyone who witnessed and shared in the joys of your music and presentation!

Please come again. We look forward to it with eager anticipation.

P.S. 811Q Center for Multiple-Handicapped Children
Sybil S.

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